500 Interal Error- My Whole Site!

I think someone got into my control panel around 3:30 AM Saturday morning and messed with my CGIs. I tried to fix it via the users, which is what tech told me to do, and now my whole site is an Internal Server Error. I changed my control panel password yesterday, seeing how another account I have with the same password was also messed with, and I tried changing the user to shell, but that made my site an Internal Srver error. My CGI access is working nicely. Has this happened to anyone else before? How did you fix it? Should I just wait for support to fix it on Monday?

[quote]Should I just wait for support to fix it on Monday?


I’m not sure what the problem is, but you shouldn’t need to wait until Monday for someone in Support to get back to you - while it may take a little longer sometimes, we have people staffing Support 7 days a week.

  • Jeff @ DreamHost
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I figured out what it was – I’d made a typo on my .htaccess page.