500 GB disk storage / 5 TB bandwidth

I just checked the Dreamhost home page and I see that new customers are now getting 500 GB disk storage and 5 TB bandwidth. I’d like to have that much disk storage and bandwidth, but the problem is I already have an account. Is it going to be automatically upgraded at the end of my monthly billing cycle, or am I screwed because I got my account too early?

I see that my bandwidth was upgraded part of the way, to 4 TB +40 GB/week up from 2 TB +16 GB/week when I started. I’m not sure exactly when the bandwidth upgrade happened, but I think it was recent. My disk storage has been upgraded from 200 GB +1 GB/week to 200 GB +2 GB/week.

Gee, are you running out of diskspace or bandwidth?

Old users get their disk and bandwidth limits raised a bit. Or you can renew and pay a little extra to get all the new limits.


You can upgrade your plan via DH panel --> Billing --> Manage Accounts --> Edit Simply click the button to enjoy the super space and bandwidth.

Please be noted your account is automatically renewed when you upgrade and you need to pay the balance to make a full year plan. For example, if you are having a one-year-lv1 plan now and you have half year left, you have 119.40-59.70=59.70 left in your account. You need to pay another 59.70 when you upgrade your account to make a full year plan. The billing cycle for the new plan starts from the date when you upgrade your account.

If you have rewards left in your account, DH will deduct from your rewards.

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I’m not running out right now (I’m using 37 GB), but I still want the extra space. It would be nice to be able to let my friends use some of my extra space without having to worry at all.

So how do I renew, and how much extra would it cost? I only paid for 1 year, and that year ends in about 2 weeks, so if I pay for a 2nd year, then will my account be upgraded when the 2nd year begins? If so then I’ll just wait, since I obviously won’t be reaching 200 GB within 2 weeks.

Edit: Thanks patricktan, that answers my question, but what happens if I’m in the middle of a month when I upgrade? Do I have to pay the full $9.95 for the month, or do they base it on how many days I have left? I’d assume I have to pay the full $9.95 but I just wanna make sure.

You are welcome.

I paid $41.66 when I upgrade my plan. I can tell from the amount I paid that they calculated based on days left. If it was based on month, there was no way to have .66 in my bill.

However, this is only my guess. You can always send a ticket to DH support for right answer.

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Another question:

When I change from the “Crazy Domain Insane” plan to the “Happy Hosting” plan, do I just get more space and bandwidth, or are there any other differences in addition to that? Will I be losing any of the features that I have now?

You get unlimited Users, when previously it was 75. Pretty much everything is unlimited with the new plan. The only feature you’ll lose is the amount of $1 bills in your wallet. Everything else is a bonus.


Is it possible to extend my plan by exactly one year, and set it to automatically switch to “Happy Hosting” when my 2nd year starts? The only way I know of to extend my plan is through the edit plan page, but if I do it like that, my plan’s start date would become today, which means that my plan gets extended only 350 days (I have about 15 days left).

Also, what happens if I let my plan run out and I haven’t paid yet for a 2nd year? Will my website stop working, or will they first ask me whether or not I want to continue?

Plan upgrades are pro-rated, so if you’ve paid for a basic plan and then upgrade, they apply your unused subscription to your new one, which is why going to Happy Hosting costs some people more than others.

For extending your plan, you can set your plan to automatically rebill/renew, or not. If not, then whatever you’ve been paying for will get shut off at the end of your subscription.


"Gee, are you running out of diskspace or bandwidth?"
I am running out of disk space, got a couple dozen gigs left. I just renewed my hosting a couple weeks ago(10/1). The CS told me that they would be doubling disk space soon though. Should I hold off and wait for the plans to match, or switch plans now?

Decisions, decisions…and if I switch now, do I get 500GB disk plus the 50 or so GB I increased in the past year? or do I start out with an even 500? and what about the price being locked in? Is that no longer guaranteed with the new plan?

EDIT: I went ahead and changed it…I’m too impatient hehe…it didn’t cost me anything since I just renewed.

Yes, your website will stop working. DH will send you an email as a reminder few days before your plan expire. If you do not take any action, they will halt your plan.

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I believe you already know the answer if you have upgraded your plan. Answer is YES! You get 500GB and 5TB plus whatever has increased in the past.

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Yuppers. I wonder if/when they will double existing customers disk space?

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As discussed above, existing customers can have 500GB space and 5TB bandwidth by upgrading their plans via DH panel. When they upgrade, the account renews to new plan and customers need to pay the balance to make a full plan.

Existing customers are not paying extra money to upgrade but to renew the plan.

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Various people have received responses from support saying that “sometime in the near future” existing plan holders will be having their disk quota doubled.

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