500 Errors on http://webftp.dreamhost.com/


I am getting 500 errors on the above?? Anyone else having issues or am I doing something wrong?


do I have to use a server.dreamhost.com name?


I’m also seeing this at webftp.dreamhost.com. I suspect someone’s already put in a support message, but if you want there’s not reason not to put in an other. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

You can, of course, always use a regular FTP program to connect to your site.



I just checked and webftp.dreamhost.com seems to be back up.


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it’s back up but still giving lots of 500 errors???

It’s a really nice little setup if only it worked properly, the upload form has a 100% fail rate for me and the 500 errors are proving too distracting.

Back to SmartFTP till it’s fixed for me :slight_smile: