500 Error

I got a 500 Internal Server Error tonight. The only change made was the addition of a new folder and some files. As soon as I realized the error, I took the files down. However, the error is still running.

There’s no record of it in the error log.

I’ve already submitted a support ticket to Dreamhost.

One interesting thing I found was that there was a “core” file in my site root folder. It had no extention and was 54 MB. I downloaded a copy to my computer in case it was important, but I deleted it from the server. Neither I nor anyone else who has access to the files knew what it was and it randomly appeared on the 28th.

Anyone know anything about this core file or anything else I can try to get rid of this 500 error?


The core file will be generated by whatever framework/app you are using, or actually the interpreter of the language used by that framework/app. It can be read by a debugger such as gdb.

Can you revert your changes to a known good condition?

There should be something in the error log (logs/example.com/http/error.log). I’ve never seen a 500 error which didn’t produce some output in the log files.

Without more specifics on the app/framework you are using and the changes you made, there’s little anyone can do to help.

Are you on VPS? If 500 still occurs after you revert your change, try to restart your apache server.