500 Error on this forum

I am a new user to Dreamhost, not new to web hosting. I seem to have picked a bad time to switch, but then again, the same thing happened when I switched hosts the last time (maybe it’s me?)

Anyway, while my site is ok now, this forum has been a continual pain. When I try to open it, I am likely to get a “500 Internal Server Error” along with “Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.” If I refresh the page enough times (5 or 6), it opens.

The URL I use for the forum is http://discussion.dreamhost.com/wwwthreads.pl , though I got the same error when trying to start this post.

Am I the only one seeing this or is there a general problem on the server handling this forum?


I sincerely hope your arrival is not the cause of all this grief on Dreamhost of late ;-).

Welcome, in spite of the bad timing. No, you are not alone. This forum started going “paws up” a couple of days ago when all the DH problems started happening. In the past, it has been rock solid (though sometimes a little sluggish).

If you can get it to work long enough, you can see how badly it has been working these last couple of days by noting how few post have made it online since the 15th; the number of posts are way below normal.

DH knows about it…I submitted a service ticket back on the 15th…I guess the customers’ sites that are having problems are (rightly!) a higher priority.
(Preparing to refresh as many times as necessary to get this to post!)

Annoying isn’t it?

I hope they fix it soon, I don’t think the back button on my mouse can take much more of this. :slight_smile:


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It is frustrating, even worst my sites aren’t working AGAIN.

Yeah, it’s my first day as a DH customer and I’m having this here and sluggish on the panel :frowning:
Hope everything will be fine for my domain transfer.

I had a message on the screen saying I had reached 1500 Internal Server Errors and was elevated to level 2.


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