500 and 400 error with Joomla 1.6 and PhocaDownload



We are running a Joomla 1.6 site with Phoca-Download in a Dreamhost Shared Hosting, but we are getting 500 and 404 error in Joomla Back end, we tested in another Dreamhost shared hosting that we have and the same site get a lot of less 500 error, exept for one view, we checked the difference from the two php configurations in the two different Dreamhost hosting and see different values for time outs and others, Can we configure a specific php.ini for this joomla instalation? Which and what are the top values that we can set for this php.ini? This is because we test in local servers and we are sure that there is no error in the database or the joomla files and we asume that is something in the php.ini configuration that gives us this 404 and 500 errors


Hello can anyone can help us with that values