5-10 Minutes to create a Database?


Dreamhost CLAIMS that creating a database takes 5-10 minutes. Yet it’s been 1.5 Hours and I STILL don’t have a database created. What’s up with that? I wonder when they will wake up and do it like OC Hosting - It’s INSTANT!


Yes, 5-10 minutes has been about an hour and a half for me too…Am I connecting the proper way? I should just be able to type dbname.ryannorthcott.com and connect right…I’m still getting not found…

Don’t hate me cause it’s Flash…


Looks like it could be a DNS problem for you… Try making your computer’s FIRST DNS server ns1.dreamhost.com ( and see if you can get to it.


Still nothing…Of course I am a completely blubbering idiot when it comes to MySQL, so it could be that I am doing something completely wrong. Thanks for the help…

Don’t hate me cause it’s Flash…


Recently whenever I make a new db I have access within 2 to 3 minutes.

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Finally…almost two hours later, and it is up and running…whew.

Don’t hate me cause it’s Flash…


I’ve had to wait up to 2 days for one
and another came on isntatly, so yeah, it all depends on when you create it and if the dns’s are all working right