4GH vs 2GH


I don’t know about this 4GH thing, more that I’ve wrote here, but I’m very curious about it.
What I’ve read, is that 4GH is keeping website on several servers and 1-2 management servers which tells which server is optimal to communicate with you. And if is like this, is great for DDOS attacks (because only a server is attacked, and your website is working with others), quick access, speed and so on.
It’s true what is wrote about it (here and over the internet)?

I’ve found this on GoDaddy website, which they are saying that are using 4GH and DreamHost 2GH.
What’s true about this?

However, I’ll never be an GoDaddy customer on webhosting because the internet is full about complains about them even with this “4GH tech”.

Here is an experience from an developer which create/install websites for his clients on this GoDaddy 4GH hosting.

However, GoDaddy isn’t a good hosting (as I’ve read everywhere), but how about this technology? Will be implemented by DreamHost?