450 Server configuration problem

I’m getting this when sending. Any ideas? I submitted a support ticket some hours ago, but haven’t heard anything.


I have also put in a ticket on this. After doing some digging it seems to be a DNS error on the DH server. Hopefully it gets taken care of soon.

I’m getting the same thing. On the Spacey server, the same on that was recently rebooted for other issues.


I got this response from support yesterday:
"We are greatly sorry for the inconvenience this 450 error has caused you.
This error came from a handful of the servers on our load balancer for a period of about 9 hours intermittently. Our admins were able to connect this to the email policy daemons connections being filled due to a spam -run through our servers . Actions have been taken and this appears to be
cleared up. We will continue to monitor the traffic level to insure long term stability. "

Things cleared up for the rest of the day, however it has started up all over again today.

Still waiting for a response to my new ticket…

Happens every few days:
[]: 450 Server configuration problem
$ host
Name: blingy.mail.dreamhost.com

Must wait for it to clear up before being able to send mail.