404 redirect

Hello all,

I just redid my site and now all the old links from other sites are broken. I want to redirect all bad links to my main index page.

I know this is easy to do (I did it on an earlier site) but I’m no programmer and what I found by searching was a little obscure for me.

Does anyone have a link to step-by-step instructions–something simple? :slight_smile:



Create a file called missing.html with a link to the main page. It’s just a regular web page you can make in DreamWeaver or such.

I’d recommend against an automatic redirect in case it’s a real not found, but you can add the following in missing.html to redirect after some time:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="5;url=http://example.com/"/>
This will send the user to your main site after 5 seconds. Add it near the top of your file inside the head tags.