404 Error

I’m pointing my domain from network solutions to dreamhost, I have everything set up correctly & it’s giving me a 404 error. & I have a second domain being pointed from godaddy & it’s working perfectly fine. Do you know what the problem may be?

What’s the domain ?

DNS looks all good. Probably just need to give httpd.conf a kick in the guts.

Panel > Domains > Manage Domains

Click the Edit buton next to inzd.net

Click the Change settings button under Fully Hosted (you don’t have to actually change anything, unless you want to).

Yeah I’ve been doing this for the past 1hr or so. Still no luck. Have a feeling it has something to do w/network solutions. I really regret even considering them an option.

Well DNS is definitely sending us to the right host, so everything seems to be in order - until it hits DreamHost.

Yeah I decided that I’ma try a different host. Seeing some of the other forum posts of peoples sites going down & not hearing from support & dreamhost not having a number to call is ridiculous.

Yeah, fair enough. Good luck with it.