404 error

i know this is a common problem but i dont know how to fix it heres the link to my website www.bluespaghetti.com heres what it should look like http://i84.photobucket.com/albums/k27/Assault591/06Aug17-22.jpg

It looks like you’re using upper and lower case for filenames. I’d advise against that and go with all lower case. There are generally case sensitivity issues in filenames.

I’d also make sure that all of the expected files are indeed in your bluespaghetti.com directory, and not in a parent, or sub directory.

I also looked through your source, and you’re using local paths from your own computer.


so i sohuld make all the files lowerecase and what eles i dont know much about ftp and file managers im a little lost

However you built your site, the links and pictures point to files on your local computer (i.e. in My Documents) instead of generic local paths.

Since I don’t know what you used to build your site, I don’t know what you need to do to correct this.


i hade to use frontpage to edit this

Do you have the Front Page Extensions option enabled in the Panel under Goodies?