404 error while doing custom form in wordpress to link announcement list

i am creating a custom form in wordpress using html, which allows users to subscribe to my announcement list. if they click on submit button, a default message will be displayed saying a confirmation link has been sent to your email. Instead of that default message from dreamhost, i want to display my own webpage saying the same message. for that i created a separate page in wordpress and used the respective permalink in the custom form. Now instead of displaying the content in my page, it is showing 404 error. But i am able to recieve the confirmation link. Please answer asap. Thanks in advance.

Without knowing your landing page that’s causing the 404 it’s hard to say. My guess is there’s at least one character in that permalink that needs encoding or escaping. It could also be how you used single or double quotes in your script.

i created one landing page, which just says “please click email confirmation link sent to your registered emailid”. I am using this page URL in annoncement list edit page. once i enter the details into the form and click on subscribe, a 404 error page is diaplaying.