404 error pages


I don’t know if this is the right section but I guess you could call me a “newbie” when it comes to this stuff. I was wondering
of we can and if so how make our own 404 error pages? I tried doing it with out assistance but it hasn’t really worked out.


Yes you can do them.

Have a look in the DreamHost wiki at http://wiki.dreamhost.com/index.php/404.

The page error.php is just a fancy page that could be replaced by a simple 400error.html file name. Just change the line in the file .htaccess which you would add to your web root folder (the folder with your domain.name).

There used to be a problem with IE whereby it would not display an error error.page unless it was at least 128 bytes long. In which case you would just add a comment line to pad the file out.

If you want to keep things neat you can create an error folder for your newly created error messages and images, but just remember to update the .htaccess file

ErrorDocument 404 errordocsfolder/error.php


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Thanks that really helped :slight_smile: