404 anyone?

As if unreliable email all last week wasn’t enough, now <poof!> all my sites give nothing but 404 errors. Additionally, I don’t seem to have FTP or shell access anymore.

I did a reverse domain lookup of a few different boxes at Dreamhost and all the ones I checked (just 4) are giving nothing but 404 errors.

Am I the only one that has noticed a severe reliability problem with dreamhost over the last few months? Ever since they did their big birthday sale things have been just terrible. They keep promising me it is going to get better…

Frustrated, losing patience & tired of excuses,

Oh dear, that sounds bad. I hope the problems affecting your site will be resolved soon.
The pages on my site are loading just fine, and I have not had problems with email either. I do, however, have a problem connecting to databases; but I believe mine is just an isolated case.

I have also not had any problems with only getting 404’s. My web services have been running fine since I joined DH a few months ago. I only occasionally experience some difficulties with e-mail, but never with HTTP services.


Down once again with 404 errors everywhere. I cannot get any pages on my main site to be served. Anyone else having problems? Can anyone else recommend another provider?



Have you contacted support about this? This really sounds like something must be messed up on your specific account’s settings in the DH system, which hopefully we’ll be able to find and fix and stop it from happening again.

Seems like maybe the apache is getting configured with the wrong home directory for your website somehow or something of that nature…