403 Forbidden with .htaccess


I am trying to install PhpWiki on my site and am getting a 403 Forbidden error when trying to access the dir from a client . There is a .htaccess file in the PhpWiki dir that, when I change the name, I don’t get the error, but if I leave it there, I do. When I have the .htaccess file name changed, the site tries to load, but I think there is important stuff in there for the site, so PhpWiki doesn’t work properly.
I don’t know much about .htaccess files, is there something I need to do in the file to give me access?


Can you post the .htaccess file? It would give us an idea of what it’s doing.

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Actually, I was able to fix my problems by changing the .htaccess files permissions. They were set to 700, but they should have been 644.