403 error showing up

Hello! this is not the first time I do a Domain transfer, but this is the first time this particular error occurs to me: I’ve already uploaded all the Website’s files to the “tochtli.net” folder (and a try-out index.html page at the root) and All I get to show up at http://www.tochtli.net is the “403 Forbidden” error, stating that “you don’t have permition to access ‘/’”

Does anyone know what is it that I’m doing wrong or/and how to fix it?

Hard to tell, that message could mean:

  1. The permissions on the directory or files are not world-readable. The web server WILL NOT be able to serve static document files if it can not read them =) Data files should be chmod 0644, and executables and directories should be chmod 0755. If the executables are group-writable or world-writable, they will not be executed.

  2. The document root directory is either empty or has no directory index file and the optional generated directory listing has been disabled.

  3. Something else, like a badly configured .htaccess file

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