403 Error/Permissions

My site, usquared.biz, was up this morning at 1045. At 1115 I browsed to the site and got a 403 error (You don’t have permission to access / on this server. Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.). When I ftp to the server, I get a 550 file or directory doesn’t exist – even though I’m looking at them in the directory tree! This must be some kind of permissions thing but I know woefully little about what to do. No response from DH support (9 hrs+).

The site is built on Joomla but I haven’t had this issue come up before on other joomla or php sites. I don’t understand the info in the wiki enuff to make a move. Can someone tell me where I might start?
Thanks much–

Are you using yourdomain.com (rather than server.dreamhost.com) to connect?

Does your ftp client have the ability to list ‘owner’ next to your files?

My first impression would be you’re currently being migrated to new hardware, second guess would be a routing (or other) problem at server level. In either case, contacting Support was your best option so you’ve already done the right thing :wink:

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The site’s working for me. Nice doggie. Is that you? The only other picture on the home page definitely isn’t a “Bill.”


Thanks for the reply folks. I finally figured this out early this morning and got it fixed. It was a permissions issue as I initially suspected. Once I figured out what they had to be I was able to get in and change 'em.

The puzzle remaining is how the permissions got changed in the first place. The site was up working at 10:45am and down and out at 11:15 am. Guess I’ll have to wait for an explanation from support.

Thanks for the confirmation that the site’s working, Scott. No Bill’s on that site, though. It’s a site I did for one of my client’s; first try at joomla.