401 (password) error

Hello, I just signed up for DreamHost last night. This morning I came on, and everything was fine and updated. I made a subdomain, http://ka-tet.whoresteak.com/, for personal use but have come across a problem. Whenever I try to access it through web browser, I get a password box that makes me input a username and password. I never set a password, and I never did anything with .htaccess that would not allow me to get into the subdomain. It’s really annoying me.

I also made a folder off of http://whoresteak.com, which is /ka-tet - and it’s not working either. I was wondering if the problem is because of the hyphen? Either way, it’s annoying me - and I can’t change the name in my FTP program because it says I don’t have access to the file.

Thanks for all of your help.

Ah, sorry, yes I did. I renamed it to whoresteak.com/katet, taking out the hyphen, to see if that was the problem. I still get the same error. :-/

Have you tried ka-tet.whoresteak.com? Maybe the problem is on my end?