401 Authorization required page

I have a Joomla installation that I do not want anyone to visit right now. Therefor I have set up password protection in the .htaccess file

[quote]AuthType Basic
AuthUserFile /home/USERNAME/.htpasswd
AuthName "Secret Joomla Site"
require valid-user

ErrorDocument 401 “Authorization required”[/quote]
It works great but how do I set it up so that when anyone uses the wrong login information they will see “Authorization required” instead of a new login window?

After 3 wrong logins or when pushed on cancel, the visitor will be directed to your errordocument.

If you want to login 1 time and then to show the errordocument, you have to use a phpscript with a loginform

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I have tried to fill in wrong information for more than three times but I don’t get the error document.

mmmm, ok, my bad, i thought it would be like that because the phpmyadminstuff of dreamhost does it like that.

I don’t think apache offers such a setting to set the maximum numbers of attempts before showing the errordocument

slauson.dreamhost.com rocks! (so does my site :))
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