40 Hours of Downtime


I’m feeling incredibly helpless right now. Every website I run on dreamhost has been down for 40 hours, I have sent 5 emails to support over the past 13 hours with not one response.

Is anyone else facing a similar issue? I don’t give a crap that the problem is not fixed - my issue is that I have been left entirely in the dark. Not one member of their team has bothered to even say ‘we are aware of a problem and we’re looking into it’.

I spread my sites across multiple hosts, and DH’s downtime and customer service is sticking out like a very sore thumb.


What sites are you runnng?


I don’t see anything obviously wrong, and the first few domains on your account that I tested all appear to be working fine.

I don’t see any recent support tickets from you. Our Support staff are pretty good, but they aren’t psychic — please open a support request if you’re having problems.


I’ve now sent 5 emails via your support functionality in my admin panel. I am not expecting some sort of mysticism from your support staff and I certainly don’t appreciate your comments, what I do expect is an ability to read and respond - something that is clearly lacking.

www.pokerisrigged.com (thread pages)

Both of these sites are down, plus several others that I shall not list off.

Andrew, please alert the dreamhost team immediately as clearly my support messages are not getting through for whatever reason.

And a note - this is a problem that occured following this message, the websites have remained untouched. The last 48 hours have been a colossal pain in the arse trying to get hold of someone who can help.

Update: All guests should be up and running at this time and the restore continues. We also added a faster connection that should shorten the restore time significantly. Please let us know if you’re experiencing any problems with your VPS or your sites at this time, so we can look into it for you.
As a reminder: Due to issues with the RAID controller, we have replaced the hardware for this server and we are restoring all data from old hardware to the new hardware. During this process, the data on the backup server will be mounted directly over NFS to allow your hosting services to remain online for the duration of the process.
There may be periods of high load on the server due to this restoration, which is caused by the large amount of data being sent to the server. We will be closely monitoring the server and mitigating that load wherever possible.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this unplanned maintenance. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Support under Support – Contact Support, in your Web Panel. This notice will also appear on that page in your Web Panel and will be updated throughout the process with the latest details we can provide.
Thank you for your patience!
The Happy DreamHost Server Fixing Team”


For http://www.americanpokersites.net, it looks like the WordPress configuration is messed up.


http://www.pokerisrigged.com (thread pages)
always Fatal error: Class ‘vB_Cache_Db’ not found in /home/per1213/pokerisrigged.com/vb/cache.php on line 128
Sorry but not a Dreamhost problem is a vBulletin problem

Warning: require_once(/home/npateman/americanpokersites.net/wp-config.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/npateman/americanpokersites.net/wp-load.php on line 29

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘/home/npateman/americanpokersites.net/wp-config.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/local/php5/lib/pear’) in /home/npateman/americanpokersites.net/wp-load.php on line 29
Again Sorry not a Dreamhost problem is a WprdPress problem

Check your php files for what ever changes you have made or re-upload the original ones from a backup you should have


Dude. These sites have not had their files touched in months. Suddenly dreamhost gets some server issues and then whoops, PHP and db problems all over the place.

Also I haven’t touched anything in the last 2 days (as cannot access the FTP (user not found)), and there have been slight improvements to the error messages. Previously it was a complete block out, now certain areas of the sites work. It may be a vB problem but a problem caused by Dreamhost and I at least expect some sort of response from support within a 24 hour period of a CRITICAL issue.

“Your tracking # is 5164138”

Someone respond.


If my database-driven web application got caught up in a hardware failure and was moved to another server, I would assume that the application would be in an unstable state and should not be expected to work correctly until I had either rolled it back to a backup or examined its present state in detail and corrected it where necessary.

Do you think differently?



I’m not sure why rolling it back to a previous backup would fix anything? (fwiw, it didn’t). The server moved, the websites broke; I don’t know why as a paying customer, I should be expected to clean up the problems.

I also cannot fathom why their support staff have simply ignored 6 emails. I can’t help but feel their ticketing system is also broken.

On another note, the FTP is not working.

But you’re right, this is all my fault and I should tidy things up accordingly…



Identical files and database transferred to another host. All is working smoothly. Don’t bother invoicing me again, CAIO!


So you post one set of problems under multiple names. OK. Just checkin’.