4-digit Pin Verification



I’ve recently started the free trial. However, I made a mistake during the initial sign-up. I misspelled my email address, but was allowed to complete the sign up (including the part where i add in my credit card info).

When i finally realized my mistake, I logged in using the misspelled email address. I promptly went into my account settings and fixed the spelling of my email. However, I’m unsure if ive now missed some kind of important email verification that i needed to finalize everything.

Also, I’ve tried the 4-digit pin process twice. But with no results. I recieve a phone call, put in my pin number and the call gets disconnected. I check my control panel and the status never changes, even when hitting refresh after a few minutes.

Any help is appreciated.


Best is to contact support. You can find the support link at the left bottom after loging in to your account.


Thank you. Ive submitted a support ticket.