4 Days of Outage


Thats how long it takes (so far) to transfer your account to a new server.
And while thats happening, your sites are down.
Despite reassurances that the sites will remain up during the process, they are not.

Most of my sites are still down and displaying various error messages, from 404’s (forbidden) to 500’s to ‘No Input File Specified’ to an empty Index /

Meanwhile I’ve just lost a potential client who saw these error messages whe trying to view my sites…


Usually it takes some time for the move to actually occur, but once it happens, it’s pretty quick. The move can break things, however, especially if you have hard-coded your server’s name somewhere. Your move might be complete already and the errors you may be seeing may be a result of the move. Check to see if there are any config changes which may need to be made.


I can’t access the sites or FTP into them - nothing works. I’m completely at the mercy of the help desk (who are not responding)
This is the last message they sent me, nearly two days ago.

Current Outage: DreamHost server Kuwaitcity being moved to new hardware (updated 1 day 21 hours ago)

Your webserver ‘kuwaitcity’ is now running off of the new hardware and your sites are being restored at this time. Our admin team became aware that some sites were not showing the files within their mounted home directories indicating an issue with the NFS mounts over which your sites run during the restoration. Our admin team has reconfigured the symlinks to these mounts and things should be improved.

We’ve also updated the kernel on the machine, which has improved performance notably.

While we still don’t have an ETA at this time, your sites should be online and operational throughout the restoration.

We will keep you updated with as much detail as we can provide. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Support and we’ll be happy to help you further.


DreamHost Support Team + support@dreamhost.com

It looks like the error message I’m getting (“No Input File Specified”) is some sort of server configuration issue. http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Mod_rewrite


Well I’m into the 6th day of outage (currently have 24 websites down) - been through all sorts of different error messages - the current favourite is: 500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR. With a couple of 403 FORBIDDEN’s thrown in…

DH have never been this bad, and I’ve been with them since 2006 - I’ve had outages before (as well all have) but a week of outage??? Thats gotta be a world record.

Are they going under? Have all the support staff left the sinking ship?


And have you asked for an update on your personal situation, or are you just getting form letters? Just curious.


I would hope DH is providing regular updates via email since they, apparently, no longer view shared servers as worthy enough to merit mention on dreamhoststatus.com anymore. It seems they only list planned outages now.


If you can call once every 24hours or so regular…
My support requests stack up - they answer one (after 24hrs or so) and leave the next for an extra day.
By then I have stacked up more support messages.
The current one is 18hrs old.
Some of the sites come online occasionally - then go down again
Most popular error message as I write this is “No input file specified.”

Latest email from them:
Hi Chris, I’m very sorry that you’re still experiencing issues due to the
hardware problems on your web-server.
Our admin team is aware of and looking into your specific issue.
I’ll be back in touch when I receive updated information from them.
Thanks for your patience in this matter, we will do all that we can to
get this taken care of for you ASAP.

Currently Down



Currently Working


[quote]I would hope DH is providing regular updates via email since they, apparently, no longer view shared servers as worthy enough to merit mention on dreamhoststatus.com anymore. It seems they only list planned outages now.

What’s happened is that we’ve moved to using the DreamHost Status blog only for “major” outages — that is, outages which affect a large number of customers across multiple servers. Outages which just affect a smaller set of customers (e.g, a single server) are announced within the DreamHost Panel and via email to those affected.


Well that’s not an excuse not to provide appropriate support and update on the issue. I have lost customers and contracts because of this 1 week outage. You don’t answer to our emails and you provide no update. This is not unacceptable and I am still waiting for you to fix it.

I would love to change the way I think of Dreamhost but you give me no choice.


I was just about to ask whether that means the link to the customised status updates can now be removed from the panel. You know, the ones that DH acknowledged over a year ago don’t work? But to my surprise, they have already been removed! Wow, things are starting to change at DreamHost.

Let’s hope it’s for the better!


Day 7 of the outage - the sites that were down yesterday are still down, albeit with a 500 error today. (Well the two that has 403 Forbidden still have them, the rest are 500’s)
The email from support states the “intermittent” 500 errors are due to load spikes. The errors are full time here.

They keep telling me that some of the sites I have reported as being down are ok. They are all still down for me ( and yes I have cleared cache and refreshed plenty )

EDIT: Now they’re all 403 Forbidden…


G’day. I’d check your .htaccess files. Those errors could also be caused by misconfigured .htaccess. They may have changed or hardcoded pathes may no longer work on your new machine, or perhaps a apache module is no longer available, etc. It’s worth a look. At least try a plain HTML file and see if it loads.

I was moved to a new server twice and both times something breaks that requires a bit of editing for some reason.


I would if I could, but FTP access is not working either.

If it was, I could at least move some websites to a different host…

Most sites are now 500 errors with two still stuck on 403forbidden


SSH seems to connect, although I don’t have an account on kuwaitcity.


Into Day 8 - and I still have 22 websites showing 500 errors, 2 showing 403 and one of the few going websites is now broken with “Host Not Configured to Serve Web Traffic”

What sort of pathetic shoddy outfit has DH become?



If some are working, then I’d suspect that the problem may not be because of DH anymore. I say that cautiously because I’ve seen some sites go down whilst others are up, even though they are theoretically all on the same machine. The do resolve to different IP addresses, so I’m not sure how that works. Have you checked the permissions of each user’s home directory and tried requesting a single text file from those domains?


http://www.giftwareengravers.co.nz/license.txt - gets the same result as http://www.giftwareengravers.co.nz
And that was one of the unaffected sites until yesterday.

The rest show an instant 500 error. Sometimes refreshing several times will bring a site up but trying to navigate pages will bring more 500 errors.

Two sites http://www.surfcaster.co.nz/ and http://www.blairsautoelectrical.co.nz/ are 403 Forbidden and have been from the start.

I’m reluctant to start changing folder and file permissions - don’t want to cause more problems and don’t know what they should be set at anyway.


It sounds to me as if it’s all about permissions and other settings. Maybe you should be asking DH’s support people for guidance.


According to yesterday’s email from DH - some of my users haven’t been transferred yet - thats supposedly the reason for the 403’s

That was 18hrs ago - still not transferred.


Well racepics, hello from a fellow kuwaitcity sufferer and future Dreamhost ex-customer.

I’m in the EXACT same boat you were, only it gets worse:

I’ve tried doing restores on all of my sites, and I get email responses saying that Dreamhost can’t restore the sites because there’s no backup! But it’s cool, these emails assure me, because Dreamhost never guaranteed that they wouldn’t lose my data, and I should have made local backups…

Awesome. So somehow in the process of attempting to restore my sites they also deleted all of the backups.

Like you, I also lost FTP access for several days. At some point I was able to get back on the server again, but I pretty much had an empty account. Then FTP access went away again for a while. I now once again have FTP access to the server, and this time all of my domains are there, but all the domain folders contain are the favicons and a “this site coming soon” page that Dreamhost put there. So basically all of my site data is gone, and apparently Dreamhost has lost all of the backups or something. At least that’s all I can gather, as repeated customer support tickets have gone largely unanswered.

Which brings me to the appalling level of customer service. I currently have two outstanding support tickets. One is 38 hours old with no response, the other is at 24. Responses to previous support tickets have all been a recirculating list of canned nothing. “Hey, didn’t I see that exact same response two tickets ago?..”

To make matters worse, I paid the $10 for a month of “premium support.” This is supposed to entitle me to three support callbacks per month if I check the callback box, and it enables the chat feature. Well, I clicked the callback checkbox the first chance I got and never received a call. And the chat feature? There IS no chat feature. I’ve tried at least 50 times at all hours for the last ten days, and every time the box pops up telling me that “chat is offline at this time.”

At this point, like you I assume, I’m going on 11 days without my sites, without any indication that my sites will ever return, and with absolutely no reassurance from Dreamhost. I’ve been a customer since 2005, and until a couple of weeks thought very highly of the service I’ve gotten. I guess that’s just because there’s never been a problem that’s taken longer than a couple of hours to fix…

To prospective Dreamhost customers: before signing up, understand that you’ll be hosting your websites with a company that doesn’t even have a customer service phone number. Consider what that means for a while…