4 days after payment - account still pending?

My paypal payment finally went through 4 days ago now - however there’s been absolutely no activity on my account - it still shows as “pending” in control panel, and I’ve received no notifications from dreamhost about what’s going on.

I submitted a support ticket about 18 hours ago, then an “urgent” ticket about 7 hours later…still waiting, haven’t heard anything at all.

Is this the kind of support that I can expect from Dreamhost? My previous host usually only took 45min - 1hr to respond to my tickets…

Yeah, they usually get back to you quicker than that.

What made you leave your previous host?

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That’s more likely a sales issue, and I don’t know if they’re around on the weekend. Bummer about the timing, but you can try this link:


Exact same problem here, I didnt expect service like this, but with the deals they had going on this weekend I’m assuming maybe they’re overloaded atm?

Impatiently waiting on a response, 2 support tickets in.

I had to do a double take, as this is the exact same post by MidnightEyes on another thread in this forum. Please read my reply to your other post.

What makes this especially amusing is that MidnightEyes says it’s the “Exact same problem” as a poster using PayPal and a poster using Google Checkout. No, it’s not the exact same problem.


I meant “exact same problem” as in waiting too damn long for something that I paid for. Looks like I’ll be on the lookout for the technicality police around here. My deepest apologies for being non-precise.

There’s a huge difference between Google Checkout and PayPal. While it’s very common for Google Checkout to add time to processing, PayPal usually happens very quickly. And paying with a credit card gets you a setup within a matter of a few hours max.

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