4 Days account pending!



Hello all,
Firstly I have tried to file a support ticket from my account but the support page doesnt work (just keeps showing that silly spinning graphic) even after leaving the page for 30 minutes!
Secondly I applied for the account on Sunday, I transferred over the nameserver information from my old host (which is what the page said after the payment screen) 4 days later the account is still pending, I can’t set up emails, or set up wordpress. My domain is saying it is unavailable (not even a setup in progress screen!)

Any help please!



Are you using one of the beta versions of Firefox 3? If you are, there’s a bug either in the browser or the panel (or both) that causes the betas to not be able to submit support tickets. The workaround right now is to simply use a different browser, IE, Opera, Safari, 2.x versions of Firefox, etc. all work fine.

This definitely sounds like an issue for support. I definitely recommend you try a different browser as described above and submit a ticket to them.


I am using version 2 of Firefox (part of the default ubuntu linux package)



Hmmm … that’s the same basic system I use, and I’m not having any problems using to the panel to sumbit support tickets.

Is it possible the panel was just experiencing a glitch, and that trying again will help?

Alternately, you can reach support by using the form at http://dreamhost.com/contact.cgi if you can’t submit a ticket via the panel.

Good luck with it, and I hope the get your problem addressed quickly!



Just out of curiousity, which method of payment did you use?


I was going to post my usual guesses that the OP is non-US and/or using Google Checkout. Either of those delay activation.