3rd party control panel for reselling

I have looked in the wiki and found some responses to using control panels for resold accounts… all involve using the standard DreamHost panel with limited access. I want to provide accounts with their own panel … if possible.

With shell access, is it possible (feasible) to install a 3rd party control panel? There are some GPL panels out there.

What is the recommendation of dreamhost as far as getting into a 3rd party control panel?

Will any of the other panels out there work with a dreamhost account?

What you’re asking isn’t possible. In order for a control panel to be able to do anything useful, it needs more access to the server than you have in a shared hosting environment.

You could, in theory, write a web application that acts as a front-end for the DH control panel, but it be a huge amount of work for very little payoff, plus it would break every time DH changes something.

If you want useful replies, ask smart questions.

That’s what I thought. Just wanted to verify it.

did dreamhost alow us for reselleing in its plans?