3rd level doamins

I was looking at the domain section of the control panel, and I
noticed something I thought was odd. I do not see the ability to
create 3rd level domains. I was wanting to set up a few, but I do not see where that happens. Can anyone point me in the right direction to set that up?



Subdomains are added the same way as a regular domain name.

Go to the Domains > Manage Domains subtab. Then click Add New Domain / Sub-Domain. Under “Domain to host” you now enter your subdomain like forum.yourdomain.com or blog.yourdomain.com.

More info in the Knowledge Base:

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The last time I did it, I had to first add the second level domain.

This actually breaks things for people who uses dreamhost’s dns server.

The min you should do is make sure that the MX records point to the correct mail server. Otherwise, it could potentially create a mess for a lot of dreamhost users.