3eprofiler and smarty

Hi. A great site for hosting d&d characters is going down soon. They have the stuff available to be able to host the program yourself but I am having lots of problems. I am not that great at computer stuff and I am asking for some help.

I got the program at http://www.3eprofiler.net/source.php He released it using a GNU General Public License.

To work is needs something called smarty. I downloaded smarty but am a bit lost how to get it working. I am not sure what an includes path is either and it mentions that a lot. I do not know where I am supposed to put smarty.


  • copy the files under the libs/ directory to a directory that is in your PHP include_path, or set the SMARTY_DIR constant and put them in this directory. "

Can anyone give me some help on how to get it working?