301 redirect from AOL?

I finally decided to grow up and get my own domain. I would like to do a 301 redirect of my page (currently on AOL as members.aol.com/userame), but it appears they do not allow .htaccess files there.

Any suggestions on the best way to redirect my page with a minimal interruption to my place in Google?



Put this in your head tags right below the title.

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Yes, that’ll sort of work, but according to the article below, it’s not a very good idea if you want to keep your SE ranking.


An excerpt:

Strategy 2 - Meta Refresh

A meta refresh can be implemented in the statement of your source code in blank page with the old file name, which then automatically redirects visitors to the new page. Example:

Page has moved

Warning: This is a technique often used by spammers to trick search engines and it should be avoided, unless the page is in a section of your site that isn’t spidered.

true, and modern browsers seem to ignore the redirect. I have used this technique though, but with an announcement on the moved page with a link to the new page url.