3 Wordpress instances in the same hosting plan


Hi guys,

I have already one Wordpress blog hosted at Dreamhost. I would like to have other 2 blogs using the same hosting plan (each with a custom domain).

I have already checked this URL:http://wiki.dreamhost.com/WordPress#Multiple_installs

It was simply too complicated to me.

Is there a way to do 2 additional One-click installs for these two new blogs?

I have some basic understanding of HTML but do not have PHP and database management knowledge.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


You can host unlimited domain names on your account. Just go to manage domains and add the new domains to be fully hosted if you haven’t already. There isn’t really any problems with you just installing 2 more separate instances of wp with the one-click installer after that. Be sure to pick custom install and just pick the domain you want from the drop-down and don’t put anything after the ‘/’ or you would put it in a subdirectory of the domain. Do this for both domains and you should be good to go.


Hi Ryo!

Thanks a lot for your support. Actually I have simply backed-up my old website (which was plain HTML) and then I have recreated my domain folder.

When I have tried to one-click-install Wordpress into this domain, I received a message like “Some of your domains may not be listed because they do not have PHP installed” (or something similar to this).

Easily I was able to reinstall PHP (used the default option) into this folder, and voilá, I was able to one-click-install Wordpress into the new folder.

Now I have realized that is really simple to create a new domain and have as many blogs into my Dreamhost account as I wanted.

Anyway, thank you very much indeed.