3 domains hosted feature w/ Level 1 plan

Hey, im a noob here in the web hosting world.
In the ‘crazy domain insane’ plan, it can host 3 domains. I assume 1 of them is included(registering), Can I host the other 2 domains within the same plan but have them registered…lets say at yahoo.com or godaddy? Or do the 2 domains have to be registered by DH at $14.95/yr?

What does it mean to transfer a domain…if i registered at yahoo…can i have it hosted at DH and have it included as part of my 3 domain feature w/o paying any additional fees?

Thanks in advance

You don’t have to transfer your domains to have them hosted at DreamHost. You can stay with godaddy or yahoo as your registrar(s).


You can register the other two domains with whoever you like. Godaddy, Yahoo… whoever. In fact we, as a policy, like to keep our domain registrations separate from our hosting company. It just simplifies things if the hosting company goes south.

There are no extra charges involved.

Over the weekend I did that for a client. They registered with godaddy. It was a breeze, I just set up their domain in the Dreamhost panel, then we changed the DNS information with the registrar. Went live in about two days.


You just have to change your DNS info on other domain.

I personally host 3 domains, none of them are registred with DH.

If you are registering a name somewhere else, you’ll have to make sure they know that your domain points to Dreamhost’s nameservers.

These are:

You will still have to go into your webpanel and “add a new domain” to create the space on your account to host the site.

Good luck!