3 cent special downgrading in 30 days?

I’m guessing this is just a typo…

In the DH Panel, DreamObjects tree node, Account Management, under Plans we see “3 Cent Special Pricing”, which I now have as one of the lucky few to click the link. :wink:

Right next to that it says “Upcoming Plan” and a tooltip says “Your plan is being downgraded in 30 days”. But the email (really annoying Monthly Newslettery) and the DH home page say “[color=#FF0000]And that pricing? It’ll remain in effect for-ev-er![/color]”

I’m assuming the panel just isn’t up on the latest management insanity?

And for those who miss that special, it only goes up another penny for the next lucky clickers.

But everywhere else it shows 7cents/GB. Will DH confirm this (.03/GB/month)*forever?

For reference, other storage services have nice automated backup services, multiple data centers, military-grade encryption, etc - for anywhere from 20-50+ cents/month. At 3cents this is a hella deal.

But with this 3cent special, what happens when we go over 100GB?

My only problem is that I have a couple TB of archive data that I’d like to offload from my primary office systems. Frankly, at the scale I’m talking about I’d rather use this service for low-end stuff, and buy a couple 1, 2, or 3TB drives, then given them to friends in different parts of the country to hold in case my office burns down. The one-time cost for that would be equivalent to what we spend on cloud storage every month.

Am I not doing my math right? Any thoughts on strategies related to using DH/DO for this kind of storage?

And no, I haven’t forgotten that DH also generously offers 50GB of free backup storage on all accounts. Can anyone tell us how many copies of that 50GB space there are, and what happens if that space fails? In other words, how reliable are the backups for our backup space?


It wasn’t a typo in my case (early bait taker).

DreamObjects offers none of those things.

[quote=‘sXi’]It wasn’t a typo in my case (early bait taker).[/quote] Are you saying the 3 cents forever went up on you??

[quote=‘sXi’]DreamObjects offers none of those things.[/quote] Yeah, I’m just saying those other services offer features beyond DH but at about 10 times the cost. So if someone values those features they can pay for them.

Then again, I believe I read that DH/DO data is replicated to three servers but in the same data center. As to security over the wire, it depends on the client used. As to encryption, we can encrypt our own data. So with a little DIY magic we sort of are getting close to what the other guys offer but at a huge savings.

Hey Starbuck,

Yes, the 3 Cent Special Pricing is good forever! You’re on the trial now, so it will change to the 3 cent pricing when the trial is up. The tooltip you’re seeing is a typo - it should say that your plan will change at the next billing cycle.

The trial gives you 100GB of storage and download for a month. Once the trial expires, the 3 Cent Special Pricing will get you storage and download for 3¢ per GB for up to 1TB. Any usage over 1TB will be billed at standard rates of 7¢/GB.

In regards to the free backup included, it is not replicated like DreamObjects data nor is it as durable or resilient.


In a manner of speaking. What happened was that n cents per GB forever switched to n cents for x GB. If more storage or bandwidth was required then full priced overage kicked in or a full price plan needed to be chosen.

After reading your original post and then looking at the newsletter I sent in a ticket and received a (very prompt and extremely courteous) response from Edgar that there is an issue regarding the wording in the Panel. Being an early adopter it’s likely that I got in before things were finalised.

Yeah, DO is definitely great value to users who might be less concerned with the advanced features you mentioned out-of-box. The prices are fantastic for basic cloud backup service, most especially when you account that Ceph provides a superior level of resilience compared to other available backup services. (I’m a Ceph fanboy). Things like automated backup applications and on-the-fly encryption will most likely be released into the public by developers as they find a need to create them for themselves, availing the features to a broader userbase and further increasing the value of DO.

True, and that became apparent during the blackout at one of the datacenters DH use which left DO in limbo. They have 3 primary datacenters, but prices would doubtlessly need to be adjusted upward to compensate the additional resources required to replicate across datacenters. A system that implemented that added redundancy would be a great professional tier product for those prepared to invest the extra spend. DO³ :smiley:

There were no mention of the limits indicated above (even in the latest newsletter) so that may need to be taken into consideration while settling things in Panel.