2nd verse same as the 1st - Mail Lists revisited

We seem to be noticed more when a new thread starts about a particular problem. Discussion lists came up for a few hours and have petered out again. Mine fizzled again at noon, pst today after running through the deluge from being down the previous 24 hours.

Support, please feed the hamsters running the wheels or do whatever you can to resolve this problem.


Down again for me too…

I got an email from Dan @ support, saying it was resolved, etc etc… Sent a test email, waited, waited, still waiting…

Something needs to be done about this. I changed hosts to get away from these email problems.

I’m also less than pleased with the support response. My previous host had many problems, but were far more responsive to tickets. I know DreamHost promises a response within 24 hours, but one would think that with a outage like this, things would be a little quicker in at least letting us know something… In the meantime I tell my list members “Sorry, there were some problems but they seem to have been resolved” only to have the list go down a couple of hours later. I waited hours for a response of “sorry, it’s up now and we’re taking steps… Blah blah blah”, and it goes down again. If they are going to wait that long to respond anyway, why not make sure it’s actually performing correctly before hand?

I’ve been a customer since 2/16 (not very long) and I don’t think I’ve had more than two consecutive days of stable discussion list mail. Not good.

I got the same email. They also sent out a general announcement and within a few moments. Shows they don’t test much.

Yes, it’s been down for two days with an occaisonal sign of life. Their support has been ABYSMAL. I have three tickets open of which they have responded to ZERO of them.

I’m sure everyone realizes dreamhost is a small company but to have NOBODY dealing with the problems is inexcusable. When my year is up, I’m gone.

I’ve had NOTHING but trouble with the mailing lists and other support questions. They don’t care. It’s obvious.

– E

With Hosting Services such as DreamHost and any other in existance, their features within the plan will never be 99.9% uptime guaranteed. They might say their server’s are 99.9% uptime but rest asure that they spend more time keeping the server running than solving any featured problem promptly. Who agree’s?

I’ve been with countless Services and none whatso ever can keep up-to-date with their features. That’s why I am currently with a hosting ONLY service offering all the advanced services such as apache handlers, mysql, php4, cgi, etc… at a very low price and then paying for PRO services such as YMLP (your mailing list provider) and stuff that i desperately need to be 100% working all the time, this can be abit over budget but atleast your guaranteed to get what your paying for! I always go for the services that are dedicated for what they do, not hosting plans that say they give you every feature possible and slap bang right in your face only half of them work most the time.

I’ve noticed many complaints about DH this month alone! If i was ever to refer anyone i’d tell them to think again before they do apply for a plan here and i don’t mean no disrespect DH are trying everything they possibly can to solve customer problems but think of how many customer’s are partnered with DH and how many complaints or technical questions they get everyday?

I like DreamHost. I have asked what now look like the dumbest questions and have always had a good answer. Compare to my ISP (I have wirelessDSL) when I call because my connection is down: “ok, open control panel, open network, select your network card and delete it…” My LAN is working, it’s a dead radio on their side.

Most of the time DH is right on top of things.

I think most of the griping about lists being down is because we sorta live in our e-mail. That, and being the list owner, who looks dumb? You or your webhost?

But it would be real nice if they told us what the H is going on.



This is ridiculous…

If they can’t support discussion lists, it shouldn’t be offered.

I guess I have to shop for a host again.

If you find one with mailman, post it here or email me. I’m outta here too. They don’t even have the common courtesy to apologize.

This is absolutely bloody insane that they can’t make the lists work. And they keep saying “we’re on top of it.” It’s clear they aren’t. It shows they don’t have their act together.

– E

(This is an excerpt of the email I sent to support just now)

This is EMBARASSING that you can’t get the damned discussion lists to work properly. It was the number ONE reason I signed up with you guy and they just don’t work. I put in tickets that are ignored for DAYS before you have the common sense to answer. You send out letters “it’s fixed” when it’s clearly NOT fixed.

You came highly recommended, but I can’t see why. These past 30 days have been HORRIBLE. Even your sales people give me totally incorrect answers. If you guys actually had a contact number when I could tell whomever’s in charge what I’ve been going through, I’d call.

I’m /very/ frustrated at your lack of attention to your customers. Looking on your message boards shows I’m not alone. Maybe if you READ your message boards you’d KNOW it was broken instead of the ludicrous situation last time where your live support person kept saying it was working while me and dozes of others were sitting there posting and saying it wasnt.

Here’s what I want:

  2. How about APOLOGIZING to your user based for how well this is working and maybe apologize for ignoring all of us. (And maybe find out why I have to tell you that you need to apologize).
  3. Since the damn thing hasn’t worked right so far, maybe you should give people a useage credit or something.

– Eric (unhappy)

Please CC email to darsys at(@) darsys dot(.) net as well as the above email.

I think this is a coincidence - I know that Jeff and I at least read all of the messages posted to the forums… and while posting here does sometimes bring something to our attention (or brings something to the attention of the right person or people), do note the big disclaimer on the main page of discussion.dreamhost.com:

Please understand that these forums are not routinely checked by DreamHost employees (although we do show up from time to time!), and are not meant as a replacement for the KBase or support form. While a great way to receive help and insight from other DreamHost customers, you should use the above options if you need a fast or official response.

Why does your answer remind me of Lily Tomlin’s Ernestine the Telephone Operator routine?

“Here at the Phone Company we handle eighty-four billion calls a year. Serving everyone from presidents and kings to scum of the earth. (snort) We realize that every so often you can’t get an operator, for no apparent reason your phone goes out of order [snatches plug out of switchboard], or perhaps you get charged for a call you didn’t make. We don’t care. Watch this [bangs on a switch panel like a cheap piano] just lost Peoria. (snort) You see, this phone system consists of a multibillion-dollar matrix of space-age technology that is so sophisticated, even we can’t handle it. But that’s your problem, isn’t it ? Next time you complain about your phone service, why don’t you try using two Dixie cups with a string. We don’t care. We don’t have to. (snort) We’re the Phone Company!” – Lily Tomlin


Please understand that these forums are not routinely checked by DreamHost employees (although we do show up from time to time!), and are not meant as a replacement for the KBase or support form. While a great way to receive help and insight from other DreamHost customers, you should use the above options if you need a fast or official response.