2nd FTP user has no domain folder

I created a second FTP user, but when i log on as the user, there is no folder inside named after my domain. Like it says here that it should:

[b]Once you connect, you’ll be placed into your user account’s home
directory ("/home/blahblahup/").

| NOTE: Your home directory is not where web site files need to be
| placed, and anything uploaded there will not be visible on the web.

If you have a domain or sub-domain hosted under this account, you should
see a sub-directory within your home directory named after it. This is
the directory you’ll need to upload your files into if you want to see
them on the web (once your domain becomes active).[/b]

Not sure wether its me thats done something wrong, but i havent really touched any settings there

by “second” user you mean you were aiming to allow another user FTP access to a domain that’s currently in another user’s home directory? If that’s that case you shouldn’t expect to see the same domain under 2 different user’s directories, domains are assigned to users, not users to domains (unfortunately sometimes). For example:


is where you can find your “site” to upload files to (the site is actually a directory inside your user’s space). When you create a user they’re assigned a home directory, which in the example above would be the directory /home/user1/.

The domain however is assigned to a user and would therefor be inside that user’s directory (/home/user1/yourdomain.com). Creating a new user would be creating a new home directory that by nature is outside the other user’s, like so:


that make any sense?


Ok, thanks for that. That explains it then. But how do i now allow a second user access to a folder under my domain to which they can upload files?

I would like to restrict access if possible to, so that the second user only has access to one folder.

I 've seen this done as i have a similar restricted access to a friend’s ftp.

Thanks for your help

Personally I would do the restricting and uploading with an uploading script, perl would probably fit best as there’s no uploaded file size cap like there is with php (7mb?).

When you create a new user you could always make his home directory:


but that’s be a nested user which seems to create serious opportunity for problems, I tried this a long time ago and it was a mess. I was advised to not try it by DH support as it can be messy. I forget what the exact problems were, sorry I can’t be more helpful there, I usually take their good advice and move on, they seem to know what they’re talking about :slight_smile:


Thats odd because my friend set my second account up with no problems and its been running fine for 2 years.

I’ll have to find out how he did it as it works through normal FTP and i just have a restricted sub folder thats easy to link to, just one folder deep on his domain.

hey! you know what, I completely forgot about directory mapping! This is the way you wanna go:


(in the web panel menu: DOMAINS > REMAP SUB-DIR)

What it will do is allow you to create the second user


and “re-map” www.yourdomain.com/foo/ to:


or whatever you like


The Subdirectory remapping is the cleanest way to do this sort of thing in our system. Setting up the second user with a nested home directory under the website will work, but you have to keep in mind that only the second user will be able to edit the files in that directory. The first user will not have access anymore. That is true with subdirectory remapping as well, but the setup is clearer so it confuses less people.

It would be great to allow multiple users to have seamless access to the same website, but the UNIX file permission model does not allow it. There are some upcoming technologies that we may be able to use to do something like this in the future, but don’t count on it happening real soon.

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