2FA with 1Password


As someone who is trying to embrace 2FA without having to have a multitude of apps to do so, it would be great if you could include the 2FA that is embedded within 1Password.



I believe DH uses TOTP for 2FA, and 1Password supports that. Here’s 1Password’s announcement about TOTP:


I use the Yubikey in DreamHost control panel, I would imagine that if Yubikey works any U2F hardware token will work, and I recall seeing that they support TOFTP too.

No idea about how 1Password works but 2FA apps normally work in all sites if they are compliant with standards, you don´t have to use Google Authenticator.


Been a huge fan of 1P for many years. Not entirely sure I understand your question. I’ve been using 1P’s 2FA functionality with DH for a long time without any issues. What is not working/happening that you are expecting?


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