2FA for e-mail account login



Gmail, Outlook, etc., are all using 2FA for e-mail account login. If you are using your domain as e-mail address, you would like to have the same security as the big players are offering. Is it possible to add this feature? Preferably through the Google Authenticator app. Shouldn’t be that hard to add, as it is already there for dashboard login.


I’ve always forwarded my domain email aliases to gmail where I can also send using those same domain aliases.

Accomplishes the same results. Easy to set up.


This is a great suggestion. I had my Dreamhost email hacked and phishing emails were sent from my account to my contacts. 2FA would have prevented this! I also agree that if it is added, it should allow the use of Google Authenticator.

They have it set up for the Dreamhost panel already. I suppose the challenge is that they use atmail, so it would have to be enabled by atmail.


Would that really accomplish the same results? Even though you are forwarding to gmail, doesn’t the simple username/password login to Dreamhost mail still exist?


You don’t use ‘Dreamhost mail’

In the DH panel, create aliases from your website’s domain account. Examples:

Have them all forward to…

Then at gmail use Settings to set it up.

Gmail is secure and has very good spam filters.


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