24 failures in the last 22 hours


Hi All

I am new to Dreamhost, only been a user for a couple of weeks and only started really working on my site over the last few days. I planned to move all my site to Dreamhost after experimenting with the quality of the hosting. I was/am using 1and1 for a Joomla based site and discovered to my cost that the 1and1 MySQL servers seem to be run on the computing equivalent of a Casio calculator. They were/are dreadfully slow, hence the search for a new host…

On the Joomla.org forum Dreamhost gets a few recommendations and the package they offer, bandwidth, disk space etc, seems too good to be true. My main concern now is that this appears to be the case i.e. it IS to good to be true…

Whilst working on my site I keep getting “Cannot Find Server” messages & “this page cannot be displayed” as if the site is offline… I have reported to support and there was mention of a potential DNS issue. I have setup a web monitoring service and in the last 22 hours it has picked up 24 failures. One lasting about 40 minutes.

[quote]Quote from support: “I think this may have been caused by some lingering DNS issues with a few
domains. I have forced an update to your domains which should resolve any
problems you’ve been having.”[/quote]

Am I unlucky? Is this the normal standard of service form DH? Anyone have any opinions on this? I would be glad to hear them…

I’m willing to give them a couple more week but if this continues I will unfortunately have to start the search for another host… :frowning:



Well, I’m not sure what you’re getting at. Are you asking if Dreamhost normally has DNS issues that cause these problems - then no. There’s been problems with the software they use - bind. They’ve bot new software in place and are working on transfering things over. So hopefully this problem is solved for you now, or will be shortly.

I think that the response from suport was pretty helpful, so I doubt that’s your issue. Overall uptime and stability of my hosting has been extremly good. There’s been a few issues here and there, but I’m very pleased with Dreamhost.




Thanks for the reply. What I’m getting at is that in the past 24 hours my site has been offline at least 26 times. It is again unreachable as I type this message.

27 failures in the last 25 hours, last failure at Fri 2006-02-24 14:52:42

It seems to just disappear of the net for 10/15 minutes then reappear. If this is just a temporary problem whilst they sort out some Software DNS issues then I’m willing to wait it out but having no previous experience of DH I wasn’t sure which is why I ask the question

The response from support was fine but that was about 24 hours ago and the problem still exists. I have logged another couple of support requests since then but as yet had no response other than an automatic, “sorry it has taken more than 24 hours to get back to you message.”

I’m glad to hear this, I am not trying to find fault with the service but as a newbie I wanted to hear that perhaps I am just experiencing some teething problems with my account and that generally this is not the case. I am actually hoping that they are “extremely good” as I have had many problems with my current host…

Thanks again for taking the time to reply


For the past year, there seems to always be something effecting uptime. In the last six months of 2005, it was especially bad for my machine. The last couple months have been a bit better.



I’m a newbie also, using Joomla to build my site. After 1 1/2 weeks of smooth sailing, today has been nothing but trouble.

This afternoon, when I clicked on “new” in my Joomla administrator “category manager,” I got an open dialogue box for a photo program on my harddrive (???).

Then, when I clicked to another portion of my Joomla administrator panel, everything went blank and my site became unavailable.

I tried again this evening. Everything was up and normal, but then my Joomla administrator panel went blank again when I tried to go to a new area.

It appears I’m having the same trouble as you. Hope it clears up. I’m truly a novice and not real sure where to turn.