24/7 support and back ups


Hi, I currently have a dedicated server set up. The dedicated plans here look good. My only concern is I get 24/7 chat support at my other host - what is the response time like on DH?

Other questions - Does DH back up a dedicated server on a daily basis? Is there an additional cost for this? How quick can they install a back up if there is a catastrophic hardware failure?


dunno about backups, but if you want a high level of support, you have to pay extra for it. Otherwise, support is a shared resource similar to shared hosting.


I’m not looking for premium support, just a chat facility where I can contact someone urgently if the server crashes.

I’ve read a few posts where they complain support is very slow - not what I want to hear if I’m thinking of switching over to DH. Just trying to get some feedback from others.


Chat and return call support is optional if you need it, I gather. As to support, well if you have a serious problem, such as a site outage, they will often respond within minutes; response times appear to be weighted on the severity of the issue. You can also check the Status page for information about system-wide or server-based issues that might impact your situation.


Thanks. Like the sound of the regular backups. Think I will look into this more.


The support here used to be good…generally within a couple of hours…sometimes a bit longer…

Over the last couple of years…its turned to crap…they first level folks really suck
then after you have a tantrum ang get to second level…you actually get to people that generally know how to fix an issue

regardless the reply time has gone from a few hours to many…and occasionally days

Im looking for a new host…I no longer recommend dreamhost


Days? Not in my experience.


I think it depends on the issue and the self-assigned severity level. I’ve had to wait days on some issues as well.



I’ve mostly had a reasonably quick reply. Quite a few times they’ve responded before my email updates (5 minutes). I have had one occasion where it took over 24 hours before getting a reply.

Copy/pasta of timestamps from my last ticket:

Message from you (Feb 26, 2012 - 02:47:35 / #4774462)
Reply from DreamHost (Feb 26, 2012 - 05:40:09 / #54821079)

~ 3 hrs. Not too shabby at all for $10/month.