2013 promo

So i just setup my domain with the promo hosting for just $47.40 and i was billed $9.95 from 2013-01-21 till 2013-02-03. What for? will that be deducted from $47 or is that for just two weeks of trial?

I want some clarification about the sums i have to pay for this “promo offer” before the new bill cycle, just so i know if i’ll cancel or not.

9.95 is for registering a domain name, which you didn’t have to do. Regardless of the outcome of the trial you can use that domain name here or somewhere else until it expires.


Well why did they charge me? i signed up for the promo and wanted to pay in full, including the domain… something tells me there is witchcraft happening here.

nope not at all. the one thing they don’t have tho (as far as I know) is a way to skip the free trial on hosting.

the 9.95 gets deducted when go from free trial to paid account.

Dreamhost can’t offer free trials on domain registrations. If you register a domain you own it for that year. You can choose to have your hosting here or point it elsewhere.

If you want to reverse it (not reccomended if you actually want that name) then contact support quickly, they apparently have some latitude to reverse brand new domain registrations, but that won’t last.

Thanks for the info