2000 message limit for inbox?


Is there any way to get around having the inbox purging when it hits 2000 messages?

That seems like the limit the panel keeps telling me.

I would rather hold all of my mail in the inbox until I decide to shift them elsewhere or when I hit my disk quota …



If you have separate folders under your “INBOX” when using IMAP … does this count towards the 2000 message limit?


I think the happy email robot only looks in the INBOX folder since it wouldn’t know all the weird names people had given to folders so you may well be able to keep more than 2000 emails in a folder under Inbox.

But… it is not very efficient to do that and DreamHost may decide to post them to you :slight_smile: .

If you are merely archiving emails why not save them to CD or whatever. Or, you could try an email archiving program like Mhonarc, where they would be saved under your web folders and be searchable and viewable via your web access should you so choose.



Ya, only the inbox is subject to this limit. I don’t know of any way around it, but you can set things up so that it moves your E-mails beyond 2000 to a sub-inbox folder so you can still easly access it from webmail or your E-mail app.

Just create the folder in webmail or by using your imap E-mail application, then go into E-mail settings and set it to move all E-mails to the folder you just created. I leave notifications off, but that’s up to you.



does this 2000 message limit effect any of the other folders?




I have about 2400 messages in my Trash folder. Looks like it only applies to the Inbox, as Mattail said. Probably because it’s the Inbox that gets hammered every time you check for new mail.