200 e-mails per hour?

Has anyone else been told that Dreamhost limits all outgoing mail from a domain to 200 e-mails an hour? That’s what I’m getting from them and it’s a bit difficult to run an active site and an active forum with a userbase that has their own DH e-mail addresses, etc on a 200 e-mail an hour limit. The system doesn’t even queue e-mails that go over the 200 e-mail limit, apparently. You get blocked so that no e-mails go out at all and THEN you have to contact support to be unblocked.

When support takes 24 hours or more to get back to me, that means if I send out a large e-mail newsletter from my Invision Board to my 500+ members, my domain’s e-mail will be down for upwards of 24 hours.

Does anyone know how to deal with these limits to make sure that I don’t go over my 200 e-mail limit?

I think the easiest solution would be to look for a mod that limits the e-mails sent at once.

I know there are some for phpbb (I’ve used them) so it’s a good bet there are some for Invasion Board too. :slight_smile:

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I run a site on DH that does mass emailing. Their limit is 1000 per hour. They may have a limit on how many can be sent at once, I’m not sure. Our tool does one every four seconds and seems to work fine.

Sounds like it’s the site admin’s job to setup queuing. There might be a mod for IPB that does queuing.

I wish I had known this when I signed up. :slight_smile: I must have really overloaded the mail queue then - does anybody know if I have to contact support now and ask them to ‘clear the queue?’

This concerns me because I have an email list of 10,000 people that I tried to send an email out to this past weekend about tickets going on sale for a big event. Needless to say, I don’t think that this worked… I have a mass email program that allows you to choose the timing and amount of emails you send, but if I have to break it up to 200/hour… and somebody else says they can do 1000/hour - I guess I don’t understand what would create that kind of a difference.

Anyways, if 200’s the number then that’s what I’ll stick to, but do you think Support will be able to help out with this and tell me exactly how many my server (plan 3) can send out an hour?


Support should have your answer. They originally contacted me because of a large volume of email that was being sent by a client on the level-1 plan. They told me about the 1000/hr max and the client had recently increased their active customer list to 1200. We changed it from once ever three seconds to once every four and now it runs fine.

I had also heard that the limit was around 1000 per hour. That was posted on this forum. Definatly contact support and ask them about it.


If you used the ANNOUNCEMENT list - doesn’t this limit get handles automatically?


[quote]If you used the ANNOUNCEMENT list - doesn’t this limit get handles automatically?



I contacted support and we’ll see what happens! I haven’t used the Dreamhost announce list because they all would have to resubscribe - I use a mass email program that can theoretically send out email to a million people - not that I would ever do that on a shared hosting plan. :slight_smile: Thanks for your reply!

This is from Dreamhost support.

“Our system limits mail from web-based programs (such as PHP and CGI) to
200 mails per hour.”

So yes it is limited.

Wow, I’ll have to check with them. In November they contacted me about one of my client’s accounts and said “You are restricted to sending out a maximum 1000 emails per 60 minute period.”

Check out Dallas’ last post in this thread.

You can have support raise your limit to 1000 messages per hour.

Since he’s the Honcho, I’d that’s pretty official.

Hey thats interesting, I knew there was a limit but din’t know what it was. Thanks.

Just got this from support:

“We changed the limit because 1000 messages were still causing problems on our system. If these are under the same account, we’ll set both to be at 1000, but any new accounts would need to be under 200 per hour.”