20 Hours and no response from DH Tech Support!?!


What’s up with that?

When I posted my request there was a queue of 150 incidents. I just checked again and the queue is now at 330!

Is it the experience of others here that it takes 20 hours to answer a pretty straightforward question? If not, what IS typical?

This is getting very frustrating. I posted here on the forum yesterday, but have had no suggestions. I’m not sure where else to turn.


The length of time for a particular response will vary based on the complexity of the problem itself as well as the number of current support responses we are handling. Lately, over half of our incoming support messages have been answered in 2-3 hours and nearly all of it is answered within 24 hours. We do occasionally have messages go past the 24 hour point but it is not the norm.

We are actually in the process of locating and hiring another support technician to help us handle the load even better.

Note that we typically do not respond to a message until the problem itself is resolved, unless we need more information from you. A long response time may mean that we are currently working on the problem and the solution is taking a little while.

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Thank you for your response and explanation. I think it would be helpful to know when the request response investigation has been initiated, even if an actual answer is not immediately available. Perhaps a “status update” every six hours (or less)… to confirm that it is still under consideration… and any progress that might have been made. It would help to alleviate some of the anxiety caused by not knowing whether or not the issue is even being considered.

I appreciate that when you can reach DH support they are pretty straightforward and that they don’t BS their customers, even if that might be the “easy” thing to do when an answer isn’t achievable without a little more work.

BTW, I like the concept of the DH Wiki, and think that would be a great place to expand on specific topics like the one I’ve raised here. There is a brief mention of MX records, but it is somewhat abstract and doesn’t deal with the nitty gritty of how it works on your servers… in my case the key detail is knowing you have to “disable mail services” before you manually install you MX and A records. Kind of counter-intuitive unless you’ve already done it a few times :}

Thanks again.



P.S. I’ve tried to clarify my question in the other thread… if you have amoment to look it over and respond. Thanks.


The DreamHost Wiki has only been around for a little while (6 weeks), so it is still in its infancy as far as things like this are concerned. It is almost exclusively maintained and expanded by volunteer customers, so if you “master” this particular problem, feel free to add your knowledge to it.

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I’m not familiar with the process of “adding” stuff to the DH Wiki, though if I figure this mail server thing out, I would be happy to share what I’ve learned. I happen to believe that peer support groups like this one can be extremely valuable… and should be encouraged by companies like DH, because they do have the potential to offload many of the mundane support requests… in a much more timely fashion. DH does a much better job of fostering that kind of “shared knowledge” here, in the KBase and in the “Wiki” than most other budget web hosts I’ve seen. It’s a very smart move.

There ARE times however when the collective customer group comes up short… and that’s when a timely response from a paid (DreamHost) expert can make all the difference.



P.S. I’m a big fan of Macs, and I’ve found the Mac “deal” oriented forum over at www.dealmac.com to be valuable at helping with not just Mac problems, but occasionally ALSO DreamHost issues… as there is a large following of DreamHosters that frequent that board.


Here’s a sigguestion for the suport system, that might help alleviate a lot of the worries when people submit tickets.

Have an automatic thing set up that when a DH support person reads the ticket the panel updates to show it has been read. Kinda like E-mail recipts. Then the support person could update that message to say something like I’m working on it right now, or this message is being transfered to somone else familiar with this stuff, or whatever. Then a reply can be written and sent out, then the ticket closed.

I don’t know if this would be difficult to implement or not, but I think it might be a good idea.




That’s a great idea, and is a much more succinctly stated version of what I had in mind. Some kind of status feedback would be good to reassure that the request didn’t just disappear in to the ether.




That sounds like a great idea. Here’s a better one - whenever I need support, my problem gets solved immediately, with everyone else waiting until afterward. That system would certainly be a great improvement over the current, flawed system where I have to wait my turn like everyone else.


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We do sometimes need a way to better communicate the status of a particular support request to the customer and these suggestions are appreciated.

And note that the MX Record/Mail Service thing is only complicated if you want to use ‘mail.mydomain.com’ yourself. Otherwise, you can leave the Mail service enabled and just add a new A record (it can be email.mydomain.com or whatever, just not mail.mydomain.com) and then point the MX record to that from the Mail->MX Record part of the web panel.

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