2 websites?

i got a question. dont know if its been asked b4.

basically i just want to check if i can host 2 different websites (2 different domains)

atm i have one domain wherein i am running a website. but i also recently purchased a domain and in which i am keen on starting a website. so will i be able host those 2 different domains on one plan?


The simple answer is yes. To be more specific, you can host a varying number of domains, depending on which plan you opt for:

  1. 3 domains with “Crazy Domain Insane”
  2. 7 domains with “Sweet Dreams”
  3. 15 domains with “Code Monster”
  4. 31 domains with “Strictly Business”

I went for the Code Monster” plan (affiliate link), mostly because I think it is unbeatable value.

Simon Jessey
Keystone Websites | si-blog