2 Users, Multiple Domains, Multiple Web sites = confused!

I have a handful of domains, and web sites for the two of us to admin.
Some domains go to the same web site, others are just one-to-one.
We need email accounts for each domain, SSL, etc.
These are all very low traffic hobby / personal sites.

The confusing part is which package supports this?

P.S Some of these are WordPress sites - so built-in support for that would be great

Looks like Shared Unlimited will work for you.

You may need to add an SPF record for outlier email addresses.

I was confused as to if those options supported multiple domains and multiple admins.
So looks like they do!

Indeed. The poor presentation of package options on their website does make it appear that “Shared Hosting” only includes a single domain (and no email) at first glance.

If you browse the default “Hosting” link then the options appear thin:
Hosting | Web Hosting Plans Starting @ $2.59/mo - DreamHost

Package options are visible only after digging deeper:
Shared Website Hosting | Easy, Fast, Guaranteed. - DreamHost

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