2-user private threads

Hi guys,

I’ve installed phpBB and was wondering if there was an application that would allow two users to have a threaded discussion privately?

The phpBB private messaging does not really seem suitable.

Thanks for any ideas.


You can create a forum for these 2 people make it invite only or not listed and make they the only moderators of that forum, so only that 2 people had access (well admins or super moderators would have access either).


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Ah, righty ho, I can see the extra options.

If I make it Private how do I invite specific users?



Edit: OK, Groups, right?

Last time I make something similar I created a forum, then make a group that can post and see that forum and then add those 2 users to that group, but I think that made them moderators of these forum will do also.

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Great. Thanks for your help.

Hi again guys.

Is it possible to have a Group with everyone in it so that anyone can mail all members with one message?

This would be in conjunction with the above situation where a smaller subgroup have access to their own hidden forums.



Well, I guess that’s not possible. Probably I’ll have to get anyone who wants a private thread to create a second hidden user id or something.

Does anyone know if anyone else apart from the admin can have access to emailing an entire group at once OR have everyone notified that a new thread has been posted?