2 subdomain with same name


Is it possible to setup 2 subdomains with the
same name? For example, I have domain A.com,
and B.com. I want to setup gallery.A.com,
and gallery.B.com. Can we do this on DreamHost?


Yes. Just add the sub-domains through the panel > Domains > Mange Domains > Add new domain or sub-domain.



Within the same account, cpanel will create subdomain at the same directory level. So if you have 2 subdomain of the same name, there will be a name collision, isnt it?

Any trick to work around the problem?


Thankfully, Dreamhost doesn’t use CPanel, so that isn’t a problem here.

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As seiler said, DreamHost does not use cPanel, they use their own in-house admin panel, so the problem doesn’t exist.

In your example above you would end up with the following directories;


As you can see, there is no name contention there.


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