2 small items

I created a new email address for my dad over 2 hours ago.
When I go to webmail and try to setup spamassasin I get the following:

You don’t have Junk Mail preferences set up yet! If you just signed up, this can take an hour!
If you didn’t sign up yet, you can do it from the Web Panel

all the other addresses from my domain have filtering working just fine. What am I doing wrong, when I go to the panel it says filtering is on

second how do I chown from one user to another
I had a second user working on a webpage for a small project. Now they are not working on it anymore.
I know the password and I did the following
su otheruser
entered correct password
hey now I am the owner of the files but if I
chmod -R badgers:pg72653 *
I see a list of things it is trying to change but I get permission denied.
If I try the chmod as badgers I get the same result.

How do I fix this, I have not deleted the otheruser yet

Help me

I find when the panel says a change will take 1/2 hours, it can take days.

A normal unix user cannot chown files from one user to another. Only the superuser (root) can do that.

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