2 sites, 2 domains hosted under 1 possible?

Sorry if I sound dumb, but I am very new to web page building. Is it possible to host 2 different sites with 2 different domain names using the same host?

Yes you can. Most plans if not all(don’t remember at the moment) come with more than one domain. However only one domain will get the free web address, the other you will have to pay for. It was $14 I think it went down to $10, but not sure. Contact sales dept. and request another web address they will handle setting up the address for you, just like they did for the first, assuming you already have an account.

Yes, all plans now come with unlimited domains and sub-domains. As said above you only get the one free registration, you have to pay to register the names for an other domains you want.

You can register thoes domains at dreamhost for $9.95 a piece, or through any other registrar you might like. After you register the domain name, set the namer servers to Dreamhost’s and then add the domain into the panel > Domains > Manage Domains > Add new fully hosted domain.

Your domains will be completly seperate, different E-mail address, different content, everything (enless you want them to be the same, then set up a mirrored domain)


I’m still a little bit confused about this.

Let’s say I purchase a domain name from a different vendor. Am I still going to have to pay a fee to transfer that domain name over to my current dreamhost account? How much is the domain transfer fee?

If I purchase the domain name from Dreamhost, is there any other charge to have it as a second website under my account?

And just to clarify something: So it is okay for me to have several websites, each with their own domain name, all hosted by my one current plan?

Thanks for the help.

Great, thanks so much for the help.

One last question please. The $10 year extension that you mentioned, is that charged by the original vendor or by dreamhost?

In case it isn’t obvious, the (AL) at the end of the hyperlink that Bob gave you indicates an affiliate link. If you sign-up for the service after clicking that link, Bob will get a kick-back from DreamHost. If this is not what you intended, you may want to clear out the cookie it created.

I only mention this because I believe such links should be made much more transparent.

Simon Jessey
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What I do on my websites is my business, Bob, whereas what you are doing is the business of all of us, because you are doing it on this forum.

Let me paint you a little picture. Suppose you entice a potential customer to visit DreamHost by means of an affiliate link on your own site. They may have questions, which may get answered by clicking an affiliate link on this board that is not one of your own. You then lose the kick back that you are due. Does this seem fair to you? From my point of view, I would be rather annoyed if my efforts to attract affiliate revenue were affected in this way, so I believe the process should be made more transparent.

Quite true; however, I believe it was only fair to warn the original poster of the problem I have outlined.

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[quote]If you like, I can follow your posts with something like, “In case it isn’t obvious, the hyperlink in Simon’s sig’ goes to pages with non-transparent affiliate links or to pages advertising Simon’s business. If you sign-up for the service after clicking that link, Simon will get a kick-back from DreamHost or money from you. If this is not what you intended, you may want to clear out the cookie or not follow the links. I only mention this because I believe such links should be made much more transparent.”

Does that seem fair to you?[/quote]
First of all, you didn’t answer my question. By avoiding it, I’m going to assume that you do agree with me, and are too embarrassed to admit it.

Secondly, it is infinitely fairer than what you are doing, so be my guest. It will only make you look even more foolish and ridiculous. There is a world of difference between posting affiliate links on my private websites, and posting them in this forum.

If the original poster (or anyone, for that matter), knew the implications of what clicking on one of your links were, I’m confident that they would feel a little bit miffed. I’m sure they would rather that the referral fee was paid to the site that originally suggested they use DreamHost, than to someone who had no involvement in that process.

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I won’t bother commenting on all the acerbic nonsense that came before the quote, because this is the crux of the matter.

I completely disagree with you about this issue. While question-answering does indeed have value, I do not believe at has the same value as a recommendation that is independent of the DreamHost website. When DH came up with the referral scheme, they did so assuming that the referrals would come from separate websites. This is demonstrated by the array of graphic banners and buttons they made available - none of which work in this forum.

The Honchos have already discussed this problem with us, and the matter was never really resolved. In fact Jeff expressed a hope that people would police themselves. The main thrust of his point was that he thought affiliate links should be clearly marked, and I believe your affiliate links are not; therefore, I felt moved to point it out.

Reviewing that thread again, it seems clear that most people, on the whole, were against the use of affiliate links in this forum; however, it was recognized that not much could be done to prevent it. You were one of the few people to support them, in fact.

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I’ve edited my signature to reflect the changes you suggest. The 200-character limit is annoying, isn’t it?

I have removed the referral code from the link on the wiki altogether.

My interpretation came out differently (more along the lines of 60% for a ban, 20% against, 20% couldn’t care less). The significant feeling was the one expressed by Jeff.

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