2 questions

1.now that dreamhost has changed server and all and is all fresh…is there anything that needs to be reset or re done …I don’t have the time to check for everything so i am just going to ask here.
2.for the last couple of weeks I tried to put an site up,and I first thought i couldn’t update because the server changing…
but the server is up and I have uploaded the pages to my site…and they still don’t show up…the first page i uploaded as an preview is there…even after it was deleted…
and for some reason I can’t connect to dreamhost on ftp…
is it still go.dreamhost.com or dreamhost.com or something else for the adresse on ftp

It’s generally always best to just use your domain name as the ftp hostname. The server name (go.dreamhost.com) will work as well, but it could potentially change if your account was moved to a different server.

The server upgrades we are doing now will not change that hostname though, so that should still work ok now.

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