2 questions: re: trial and Cname 'pointers'?

Hello - 2 questions:

(1) I recently signed up for the free trial, and bought a domain; I’m not yet sure I will need the hosting itself! I will keep my domain with dreamhost, but I can’t remember where to cancel the hosting part, if need be - where would I do that?

(2) I need to setup Cnames; one that functions as the “domain” for a blogger blog, and one that functions as the “domain” for a deviantart Portfolio. I’ve tried to setup the latter, I think it’s correct, but the page is still loading as a generic search page with random links, rather than loading my portfolio page. The following are values I’ve put in:
Under custom dns, (record)=portfolio, type=CNAME, Value=hosted.daportfolio.com

Any idea why its not working?

Thanks in advance!


Hosting plans are under Manage Account. Mine has an “Edit” link for my plan that’s currently set for Auto Renew.

A CNAME receiver needs to be set up at the other end so it knows to respond to your domain. I don’t know how to do that at Blogger or Deviantart.

Hello - yes about the CNAME, have done that at the other ends. Guess I will try emailing Dreamhost about it, if it continues not to work. Thank you for your answers, cheers!